BarraFit classes, events and activities enable students to achieve their fitness goals, while also incorporating elements of Jiu-Jitsu and martial arts. BarraFit offers an stimulating and fun training that encourages participants to work as a team. This program is much more than the typical aspiration to "get in shape". It helps build a strong mind as the foundation for a healthy and fit body.

Program Description

  • This course is ideal for those looking to get fit and in shape through a series of drills and exercises
  • The course builds overall body fitness and promotes team building among participants

Program Goals

  • Develop physical fitness along with mental fortitude, discipline, cooperation and personal growth
  • Learn basic self-defense and striking
  • Mix anaerobic and aerobic exercises

BarraFit Curriculum

  • GB Warm-up
  • BarraFit Drills
  • Circuit 1
  • Circuit 2
  • Cool Down